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Top Tips When Buying The Best Pool Cleaners

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It is one thing to own a swimming pool and totally another different thing to keep it clean at all times. Even though a swimming pool gives you a wide range of benefits including privacy and convenience, it is worth noting that maintaining it clean has always been a challenge for many people. Fortunately, the evolving technology has brought forth some of the best pool cleaner robots on the market which can help to clean any swimming pool without much struggle. This article will disclose to you the top tips when buying the best pool cleaners.

Top tips when buying the best pool cleaners

The type of pool cleaner

Before buying a pool cleaner, it is vital to understand that there are three different kinds including robotic cleaners, pressure side pool cleaners, and suction side pool cleaners.

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The type of pool cleaner

Suction-side pool cleaners

They are usually attached with a hose to a skimmer box and often use the suction generated by your filtration system to suck up debris, grime, and dirt.

Robotic pool cleaners

These pool cleaners require a power point that is near your swimming pool because they run on electricity. Apart from being ideal for cleaning large pools, they are the best of all the three.

Pressure-side pool cleaners

These pool cleaners are more powerful that their suction counterparts. They utilize an existing pressure side line to propel them through the entire pool.

The size and type of your pool

Before purchasing a pool cleaner, it is an excellent idea to determine the design as well as the size of your pool. Is it an above ground or an in-ground pool? Is it a commercial or residential sized pool? The pool cleaner you buy should be able to adjust to different pool sizes and shapes. What’s more? It should also have the ability to navigate steps and walls when needed.

The cleaning cycle

A cleaning cycle is the exact number of hours a pool cleaner will run before shutting down automatically. The longer the cleaning cycle, the better the pool cleaner.

Rate of filtration

The rate of filtration is the speed at which a pool cleaner can vacuum or clean within a specified period. A pool cleaner with a high filtration rate will also have excellent dirt and debris storage capabilities.

Hose length

Before buying any pool cleaner, ensure its hose length runs from one end of the pool to the other, plus one meter or two.

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The type of pool cleaner


It is just difficult to relax in a pool full of dirt, slime, and debris. If you do not feel like spending your entire weekend cleaning your pool manually or hiring a professional pool cleaning personnel to do this time-consuming, tiresome, and costly job for you, then it is time acquire a pool cleaner.