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Guinea Pig Cages

guinea pig owner

A guinea pig is an exciting and fun pet to be with. However, unlike some pets, a guinea is very particular about what it needs to survive. For instance, you need to ensure it has a decent place to sleep. Some people are comfortable having them inside their homes whereas others opt to have them stay outside during the warm months only to bring them inside during the colder months. Whether your guinea pig stays out or inside, it needs decent accommodation.

Accommodation Options for Guinea Pig Petstwo guinea pigs in a cage

A guinea pig can either be housed in a hutch or a cage. If you want the pig to spend most of the time outdoors, a hutch can be a preferred option. Hutches are mostly made from wood, and some varieties tend to be waterproofed to keep the pet safe and warm during the cold seasons.

Unlike hutches, cages are meant for indoor use. Guinea pig cages are often made from some wire mesh and have a plastic bottom. The mesh ensures the pet remain safe while the plastic base makes the cage easy to clean.

Factors to Consider When Buying a Guinea Pig Cage


When shopping for a cage for your guinea pig, it is imperative to look at the dimensions of the cage. This is an important consideration to make when shopping for a cage considering that, just like other pets, different guinea pig species have different sizes. Also, guinea pigs are social animals that love living together: the chances are that you need a cage that accommodates the number of guinea pigs you have.

Ease of Cleaning

How easy is it to clean the cage? Always go for a cage that is easy to clean. Why? Ease of cleaning goes a long way in keeping your pet clean and safe. At the same time, it removes those weird odors from your home. Here, your best buy should be a metal cage with a plastic base

guinea pig in a cageEase of Transporting

If you will be moving your cage from time to time, you must ensure that the cage is easy to carry and move. Ideally, the cage you choose should not be too heavy to carry. Some outdoor cages made from dense material often require one or two people to carry. Look at the human resources you have and its availability before making a choice.

Besides the factors highlighted here, you might also look at the material, cost, and some reviews from previous buyers.