Handling a Rodent Situation

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Rodents are some of the most destructive and irritating animals that you can ever deal with. They are quite problematic in homes that are near big bushes or forests or even farms. Some of the most common types of rodents include rats and mice. Rodents are known to destroy crops in the farm and clothes in your home.

In other some more serious cases, they have been known to transmit diseases. A good example is the deer mice and HPS ( hantavirus pulmonary syndrome). Hantavirus is a respiratory distress syndrome that is characterized by fever, deep muscle aches and sores, shortness and difficulty in breathing.

The disease is usually transmitted when human come into contact with infected rodents, their droppings, saliva or even urine. Bites from these rodents could also lead to infection. Another way of getting infected is when one breathes air with infected particles from the rodent’s droppings.

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Why get Concerned

From the above, it is evident that rodents may pose a great health risk to you and your family and for this reason, you should take measures to ensure that your home remains rodent-free. Over and above possible infections, your property is also at the risk of destruction by the rodents. Rodents can cause significant damage to your farm and household goods and thus the need for being on the lookout for them.

Identifying Rodent Infestation

The first way to fight rodents is being able to identify a rodent infestation. It is not enough to recognize the infestation. You will also need to know what type of rodent has infested your home to fight it effectively. Some of the signs to be on the lookout for include rodent droppings in well-hidden areas like under the sink, the presence of nesting material like shredded clothing and paper or even dried grass stalks, evidence of gnawed wood or plastic surfaces among others.

Immediately you notice that there is evidence of rodent infestation in your home, you will need to scrub every bit of your home, especially the rarely accessed places. These are usually the most susceptible to a rodent attack. You will also need to clear the bushes around your house as these may encourage the rodent infestation. Once this is done, get in touch with your nearest licensed pest control expert who can help you deal with the situation effectively.

The above is some of the information that you will need to learn about the rodents if you are to fight them effectively. It is worth noting that rodents have a very short gestation period and as such, they could multiply very quickly if left unchecked. Within a short time, your home might be overrun with the rodents. For this reason, it is important to take the necessary precautions early in advance to curd the spread of the rodents and thus keep your home safe. If you notice evidence of pest infestation, it is advisable that you get in touch with a rodent control expert who will help you fight them.