Effects of Poor Waterproofing

basement window

Waterproofing is essential during construction and remedial home maintenance. Unfortunately, most homeowners only get to appreciate the contribution offered by waterproofing services after experiencing the wrath of water damage. With so much emphasis placed on the significant of waterproofing, you might probably be trying to decipher some potential gains of working with Royal Work waterproofing experts or the possible effects of poor waterproofing.

To help you understand why need to invest in home waterproofing, here are some problems observed in poorly waterproofed homes.

Corroded Reinforcementsconcrete beam

Poor waterproofing often leads to reinforcement corrosion. This usually happens when water seeps into concrete beams until it reaches the steel reinforcements. As long as your home is not waterproof, the magnitude of corrosion will keep progressing. In the long run, your home will start experiencing some structural issues emanating from weak beams.

Concrete Spalling

Another effect of poor waterproofing is concrete spalling. This problem is characterized by having some parts of the walls in affected areas chipping off in fragmented chips. Two things often cause spalling. One, the presence of moisture or water in the concrete might weaken the cement in the mortal. Secondly, it could be a result of freezing during winter, which often subjects concrete to undue pressure because of the expansion.

Mold Growth

The growth of mold and algae in the basement are also indicators of poor waterproofing. Unfortunately, the presence of these organisms in your often can be costly to bear. These two organisms not only run the aesthetics of your home, but they also put the well-being of the occupants of the house at risk. Instead of waiting until it’s too late, why not have it waterproofed?

cracked wallLow Indoor Temperatures

When water seeps into the basement, it has the effects of causing a significant drop in temperature. As a result, the floors and walls might feel too cold to touch. Also, the room temperatures are also affected. During the colder months, poor waterproofing means that you have to deal with the consequences of having low indoor temperatures. For instance, you might be forced to use, more energy to keep your premises warm, which comes at a cost.

Waterproofing is an ongoing process. This means that as much as it was done during the initial construction, you should have it redone after several years. You can plan for waterproofing services by checking how long the installed membranes are rated to last. You also need to look some potential warning signs, just in case the installed membrane gives in.